Sunday, August 18, 2013

CheRRy - My store !

Hello ladies!

I've to show you some special for me...i wanted to do something long time ago, that is to create my own style with my own shop, then i know i'm learning and there isn't a lot of stuff and maybe it isn't a perfect quality,  maybe it isn't 100% original of me, but it's my dream and i'm really happy with that, i really want to show my stuff with you and i want to presents my shop with the best energy that i have :)

this is the logo that i was working a lot (and maybe i will edit more, lol)

CheRRy Store!

and there are a two new releases that i'm upload and i've finish, but i have new creations to finish and, this is a little of them.

A bow romper in 12 colors and 5 differents sizes with tango applier included, you can wear it with/without lolas!

and a zipped romper in special edition (more styles soon) so, it's a promo price! click and buy it! :D it have also tango applier included in 5 differents sizes too.

You can only find this items in marketplace for now...   


 I hope expanded my stuff soon and make a mainstore in a future, 
but this only make real with you.

Thanks for reading and kisses!

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